Dining Options

Fuel Your Brain

Bloomfield College wants students to have healthy, delicious, and nourishing food during their educational career. The On-Campus dining facility offers a wide variety of nutritious foods from fresh salads and fruits to delicious and wholesome pastries, grilled entrees, pastas and more in a warm, courteous, and clean environment.  Students and guest can dine in the Schweitzer Dining Hall or at the Liberty Street Pizza & Grill.  Catering is also available by contacting the Director of Gourmet Dining at Bloomfield College, by calling 973-748-9000, ext. 1353 or via E-Mail at mstblancard@gourmetdiningllc.com.

Residential Dining

The On-Campus Dining program at Bloomfield College is located in the Schweitzer Dining Hall, which provides unlimited dining during the academic year for resident students from 7 am to 10 pm, Monday through Friday as well as brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Schweitzer Dining Hall can also be used by non-resident students, faculty, and staff to meet the wide-range of eating habits and needs of our diverse community upon paying the guest fee per meal. Feel free to have as many servings as you want as long as you stay within the Schweitzer dining room. The On-Campus Dining program for residential students at Bloomfield College is provided by Gourmet Dining LLC, a privately owned New Jersey based food service and management company that serves the northern New Jersey Region.  For additional information about Gourmet Dining at Bloomfield College, please click on the following link GDS at BC.


Residence Board Plan

All resident students are automatically enrolled in the Standard Residence Board Plan. Resident students are required to participate in the unlimited dining plan: This plan allows a student to have continuous access to the dining hall all day with unlimited meals. Resident students must present their meal card (BC Pass Student ID Card) each time to gain entry into Schweitzer Dining Hall.  Students are allowed to swipe their meal cards as many times as they choose on a daily and /or weekly basis.  Each resident student will be able to use his/her meal plan at the Deacons Den Pizza & Grill located in the Talbott Hall Student Center.  For a schedule and explanation of Meal Plan Equivalency for Resident Students, please click on the following link Meal Plan Equivalency .

Food Options

Other Dining Options

Liberty Street Pizza & Grill is located in the Deacons Den of the Student Center.  Open from 8 am until 7 pm Monday through Thursday and until 3 pm on Friday, its menu offers breakfast sandwiches, hot & cold subs, burgers, chicken wings, and tenders.  At this location, purchases can be made by cash, credit card, and flex dollars on the BC Pass ID Card.  Pizza can be ordered by the slice with toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, meatball, hot peppers, spinach & more.  Or, you can order a whole pie off our Specialty Pie menu, featuring Buffalo Chicken Pie, Meat Lovers Pie, the Veg-Head Pie, Cheese Steak Pie, Chicken Parm Pie, Margherita Pizza and many more!  Calzone and Stromboli are also available!

If you have questions about our Dining Facilities, please contact Michael Blancard, Director of Gourmet Dining at Bloomfield College, by calling 973-748-9000, ext. 1353 or via E-Mail at mstblancard@gourmetdiningllc.com.

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